Name: Sofia Hariz
Age: 26
Nationality: Norwegian
Location: Oslo / Los Angeles

Writing one of these is tough. How can I in a word explain who I am, when I strive to be so many things?

Is calling myself "an artist" because I enjoy being creative an artistic cliché (and not to mention ridiculous considering I barely know how to hold a pencil)?

Is "digital media producer" too vague to describe someone who enjoys photography, podcasting, video producing and video editing?

Is  "marketing and social media professional" the right word because I worked in those fields for several years, and have over a thousand followers on Twitter, or should I not let the past shape my present?

Is saying I am a "video game and film journalist" the right word cause I've worked as one for the past four years, or will it cancel out all the titles above?

Maybe "student" is the right one, for it's what I've been most of my life. I graduated high school in Norway in 2009, studied philosophy in Barcelona in 2010, graduated with a 4.0 Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Kingston University in London in 2014. I am also currently studying Film and Business at Santa Monica College. 

I suppose I never want to stop learning. I want to challenge myself, try new things, and learn both from failing and accomplishing. Life is the greatest teacher, and I enjoy being right at the front, enjoying every part of the journey, both the hard lessons and the easy ones.

....And I thought "artist" was cliché. 

I guess what I want to say is hello - my name is Sofia. I write for Gamereactor about video games and movies. I love the written word, and wrote my first novel by the time I was 17. I never published it, but a poem I wrote at age 13 was published in a Norwegian poetry collection. I signed it with the name of an Evanescence song because I was filled to the brim with teen angst. Now, the angst is gone (for the most part), and my prose is now less about helping myself and more about helping others.

Besides writing I love cameras. Most times I'm behind them taking pictures or filming, but sometimes I'm in front, like when I take part in live streams on Twitch, videos on my YouTube channel, podcast recordings or that one time I was a reporter on live Norwegian news television during the student riots in London.

I've done a lot of things, and I enjoy doing a lot of things at once. I never want my business card to say that I am just one word. I'd rather spend sentence upon sentence explaining it.

I guess my word is actually "workaholic". 


Thank you for reading. Please contact me so we can talk about the many mysteries of the universe.




Mission statement

To spread happinessexcitement and understanding through the knowledge and passion I put into my work in the realms of entertainment, art and journalism, and share my excitement for life with as many as possible. I want to celebrate the human experience, and spread joy and gratitude through everything I do. I want to entertain as much as I want to inform, and I want to inspire those around me to follow their dreams, work hard, never give up and, together, become the best versions of ourselves we can be.




I'll use any excuse to share this picture or the fact that I met RuPaul and Michelle. So there's that out of the way.

I'll use any excuse to share this picture or the fact that I met RuPaul and Michelle. So there's that out of the way.