What Gamers Hate (Everything)

Meet Francis from Left 4 Dead. He hates everything.

Yes, it's a funny L4D-tribute, but if you listen closely, there’s a deeper meaning to be found.

You see, Francis is a symbol for every gamer. Why? Because we hate everything.

By this I don’t mean the way everyone hates Nickleback for no apparent reason (admit it, you enjoyed How You Remind Me when it came out), but how everyone hates babies crying in an airplane, the type of hate that burns inside you and makes you want to kill someone – which is why we have Call Of Duty. Then the hate goes away until the game glitches, you get killed and/or your Internet connection is too slow. Rage quit.

It’s not only in-game problems that gamers hate however. Here are 10 other things gamers hate.


Phil Fish

We all know Phil, the main guy behind Fez and one of gaming's most hated developers. Whether it be his comments on Japanese games or his hate against YouTubers, there's a lot to be said about Fish's interaction with the public. Despite people's love for Fez, it appears that this doesn't matter. Especially when he posts stuff like this on Steam:

...it's #1 on steam right now and it's not even out yet. you should boycott harder, nerds...

His tweets are alone examples of the reason why people hate him. Some examples for your enjoyment:



Games based on movies and TV-shows


Is there one thing the film- and television industry should learn, it's not to make video games based off of their productions. Saw: The Video Game, Prison Break: The Conspiracy, Rambo: The Video Game, America's Next Top Model and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (what's with the AMC logo at the top?!) are only some of the horrible examples of why films and TV-series rarely make up for good games - and vice versa. And if you dig deep enough, you'll realize that there are SO many of them, most which have been forgotten (for a reason). Of course there are exceptions, such as Goldeneye, Spider-Man 2, Blade Runner and Batman for NES, but they still don't make up for the horrificness of certain games based off of films and television - and by certain games I mean Lost: Via Domus.

(Forgive the horrible recording / photoshop skills)




The gaming industry, much like the rest of the Entertainment industry, have dealt with a lot of issues concerning sexism. And while it's most definitely a problem, it's not as big of an issue as it used to be - at least in the gaming industry. There are plenty of games that have strong female characters (that are fully dressed) and just as strong as their male counterparts, and the industry is arguably moving in a better direction more so than for example the film industry. It seems like the gaming industry has accepted the fact that it is somewhat of a problem, especially now that the gap between the number of male and female gamers is relatively small. Just look at Lara Croft - she's wearing trousers now! Despite both men and women accepting the gender issues however, gamers still hate feminists. The term feminism has become somewhat ambiguous to what it used to be. While it was a term that was defined as individuals wanting the sexes to be equal, the gaming world are now facing "feminists" who have a tendency of looking down on males rather than considering them as equals. Women have responded to criticism by calling men pigs and misogynists, even if their comments weren't sex-oriented. Of course this does not apply to every feminist, but with the unfortunate and much-covered comments from groups who indirectly call all male-gamers sexist, it's not really unexpected that gamers, both women and men, are, to put it mildly, annoyed with these groups of women.

As a woman myself, I do call myself a feminist, but in the way you called yourself a feminist back in the day, when it was about equality and not calling yourself the stronger sex. I see the evolution that games have had, and even if there are things in the gaming world that should be changed, both concerning the number of female characters in games and whether or not they are fully dressed, we're moving in the right direction. Still, we hate some feminists. And it's arguably for a good reason.

The media

If there is one thing mainstream media enjoys it's categorizing. That, and giving those categories various levels of bad press. The gaming industry is one of the victims, and if there's one thing they like to throw at us it is the violence in games. A topic that for us gamers is irrelevant is to the media a playground where they get to play the blame game. It's easy to blame violent video games for the wrongdoings of individuals because it's visual. The blame game arguably began with Columbine, the horrific crime that left journalists confused as to why the two boys did it.

And of course it was violent video games, films and metal music that were to blame, not other things such as gun laws, parenting, psychological issues and/or social issues. Cause that would be illogical.

As gamers, we all know how untrue this notion is, and there's no reason to dive deeper into the matter (if you're interested in my take, I wrote a blogpost about it which you can read here), which is why we hate the fact that the media doesn't.



The hate on Microsoft is a peculiar one, especially considering the fact that a huge amount of the people who now hate Microsoft probably bought and loved the Xbox 360 when it was first released.
Regardless of this, people seem to hate Microsoft - some not really knowing why. Whether it be Minecraft-players who hate the fact that Microsoft bought Mojang a while back or if it's console players hating PC-gamers, we all just really love to hate Microsoft and Xbox One, especially after last year's E3. Not really sure why, except for the fact that Kinect is a pain in the ass, the focus on the XBone being a home entertainment system just as much as a gaming console makes no sense, and the fact that they're a GREEDY BIG COMPANY WITH THAT ARROGANT EFFIN PHIL SPENCER AND ALSO, THEY MADE WINDOWS VISTA!

That, and they named their third console Xbox ONE.

Stupid big, greedy companies. Let's stick it to the man!

People talking on the E3 stage

There is a certain sadness that falls over me whenever someone’s speaking on the E3 stage. Knowing that they might screw up or say something unsatisfying and leave me hating them is a sad thing. Sad and cringe-worthy. Even when they say lots of good things, chances are we’ll find something to hate. What I've learned by watching E3 is also that there's a fine line between laughing at something and hating it. Sure, it might be fun every time someone does something stupid, says something wrong or things don't work out. But gaming is serious business....well, not really, but people do take it seriously, and so don't make stupid jokes about anything game-related. Just kidding. But not really.

And I don't think anybody will ever forget this:




Oh, EA: The company which will continue to make sports games until the end of time. There are too many reasons to list why people hate EA. Whether it is them buying out studios and killing them (R.I.P Pandemic Studios), their lack of creativity and innovation with their games (you made the spectators look better in FIFA? Wow, let me find you a medal...), John Riccitiello or their subscription service (only on Xbox One? MICROSOFT YOU PIECE OF S#!t!). Bottom line is that EA, much like Microsoft, is a company that takes all your money and in return gives you a game you kinda already have, just prettier. And more expensive. That, and the DLCs.



The moment a new DLC is announced I always get the urge to throw something at a wall. There have been numerous times when a DLC has been announced even before the game has even been published, and in certain instances a game isn't even complete or fully functioning without a DLC. Most commonly though, DLC is nothing more than a way for a company to make more money by giving players an extra hour or two with gameplay, or just extra features like weapons or clothes. EA and The Sims might be the best example if this, with their DLCs ranging from awesome (The Sims : Making Magic, anyone?) to "Honestly, why the hell should I get this?". And EA is certainly thriving on their Sims expansion packs, and know that people will buy it no matter what.



Sure, I bought a lot of DLC for games such as Sing Star or Guitar Hero, but I was young and stupid then. That, and I didn't realize how quickly I'd become tired of playing Beatles songs.



Nope, not getting into it. (one time's enough).



As much as us gamers love new stuff, whether it be new consoles, games, updates (when they don't take 10 hours) or anything else related to gaming, we hate when they change the things that are already there - even if they hated that as well. Giving Cole a makeover in InFamous 2? People hated it. They also hated the way he looked to begin with, but that's not the point. As this blogpost suggests, we hate everything, and on top of the hate list stands change. We fear the change in how we play games, how storylines are made up, how games look or feel and how our gaming experience might change in general. We fear the changes that we've seen in the other entertainment industries, where things have been changed to the point where certain mediums are close to being non-recognizable. We hate developers who decide to ditch ideas of sequels to existing franchises and we hate developers who decide to make sequels to games we feel can't get any better. We hate when developers go out of their comfort zones and try new things, and we hate when games from a developer all stay the same. What we should do is stop hating and fearing change, and inviting it in. But of course we can't do that. Every other entertainment industry has been ruined by change, and we don't want that to happen to the video game world. Point is, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. Ever.



What do you hate?