Honest Talk - To Get Excited About Life

What is my purpose in life? What is it that makes me ME?  And what is it that I am giving and want to get in return from the world? I don't know. And that's a good thing. Because not knowing makes me excited about life.


I want you to realize something, and I want you to realize it right now – you are a reflection of the universe. And you are perfect.


As a matter of fact, we are all the only reflections the universe has of life, at least as far as we know. The universe, whether you define it as a divine being, a collected consciousness or merely a cluster of particles and atoms that coincidentally formed together to create life – whatever you define it as, I choose in this to define it as the universe, and we are each and every one of us part of its identity.
We are part of the bigger picture. In us we have the same particles as those who formed galaxies, planets, stars and the very planet our feet is planted on right now. We are reflections of it as much as we are reflections of each other.

And much like the planets and galaxies we observe through our telescopes, our planet is also full of chaos, destruction and death which swallow us and leave us in despair, wondering if there’s any hope left at all, wondering if there really is any purpose, and wondering if the beauty we see in sunsets and sunrises, in vast landscapes and big cities at night, in love and in heartbreak, in birth and in death – if it’s all deceiving us.

It is easy to get lost in all the despair, in all the unjust and destruction on this planet, not to mention all the obstacles that hit us when we least need them to. It’s easy to forget how we used to observe the world through childish eyes, through curiosity, playfulness, optimism, search.

The search is what we all forget too often. We forget our lust to search for new lessons, new experiences, new questions that we don’t need the answers to. And watching the evening news leaves so many of us numb, wondering if there’s really any point in remaining hopeful, happy, striving for something bigger. It makes us feel small and insignificant, when each and every one of us is far from it.

Can I tell you whether or not there is some greater purpose for our existence? No. And to be honest with you, I don’t want to find out. Because I want to keep searching.

All I know is that the only thing I can do is strive to be the best ME that I can, and try and bring the best YOU out of the people around me. And I do that through my search for the best life I can live.

And that in itself is a purpose. And it’s one we all have and we’re all able to achieve.

We all have talents in one way or another. Some are good at making people laugh, others are good at preventing people from being sad. Some are good listeners, while others are good talkers. Some are drawn to words, others are drawn to numbers.

And while some of us may end up becoming people of greater influence of this world, the people we see on our screens making an impact, earning fame and fortune, most of us won’t be one of those people. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t affect that bigger picture.

Because those people who make the world a better place on a bigger scale, they need those who might not. They need the people around them, both the love from those closest to them as well as the kindness that may come from a stranger at a time when they needed it the most. From fan bases to voters, support systems to friendship – we are all connected and we all count on each other, whether we realize it or not.

Just observe a day in your life. Observe how whatever good you’re giving the world and those around you will be responded to. A smile to a stranger often ends with a smile in return. And even if that smile might be a small, even insignificant thing that you do that day, the person who received it might have needed that smile more than you think.

Regardless of what you do in life to earn a living, what you've decided to do with your time and what you think about before falling asleep – regardless of the scale you think that you affect human kind, know that everything you do does. The little things matter. Your work matters as much as your smile does. And all I ask of you is one thing:

Be the best YOU that you can be. For me. For others. And for your own sake.

Look in the mirror while brushing your teeth with the knowledge that you did good today, that you provided the world with something positive, even if that positivity only came from holding a door open for a stranger.

We all go through times of trouble and defeat, helplessness and stillness, turmoil and crumbling at the bottom of our own minds. Put some effort into making yourself happy. Do things that you love doing or do things that will help you discover the things you’ll eventually love.

And know that eventually it will all be alright. You’re already alright. You just don’t know it yet.

Before you go to bed today I want you to repeat this in your head:

I am excited about life.

Easy. Repeat it over and over again, while you’re eating a midnight snack, taking a shower, brushing your teeth.

Last July, I decided to start every day with repeating that in my head over and over again throughout my morning routine. I was in a place mentally where I wasn’t excited about life, nor was I grateful for the things I should have been grateful for. I was numb, robotic, unable to be present. So I started lying to myself in my head.

Suddenly, one day, I found myself doing my morning routine in silence. But looking in the mirror, I realized I didn’t need to repeat anything. I was already excited about life, even if nothing special had happened. Yet.

For I had tricked my mind into believing it, and once I believed, life became exciting. I attracted things I never dreamt of attracting, experiences that shaped me, people that embraced me and challenges that made me the best person I’ve ever been.

July was a long time ago, and I’ve realized that the bad things that have happened since then have made me forget all of that. So a few days ago I decided to get back into saying it, over and over again. And now, as I am writing this, I realize that I didn’t say it this morning. I didn't need to. I’m feeling it in every part of my body already.

And while I am still not my best self just yet, I am already on my way. And that feeling is the most empowering feeling there is. And I want you to feel it too.

Get excited about your life. Get excited about yourself. And smile to a stranger, if that’s the only thing you feel you can do today to change the world. 

Remember that you are the reflection of the universe. Instead of being the reflection of the darkness, be a reflection of the light.

I am about to become my best self, and I am already experiencing the first step towards it.

Today, I am emotionally free.

What is emotional freedom?
Here's what I think.


Get excited about life.


First published on my Out of Lives blog Freebird (under construction)