Alice - An Excerpt From Ramblings

We danced ourselves into madness.

You and me, once upon a dream.


Down the rabbit hole we fell.


Tumbling and twisting through future

and past.


They drank you, they ate me

And swallowed us in fog


until I saw a smile in the darkness. 
And I followed.


And he taught me how to drink the world, 

and get lost in the gardens with too many paths.


Then came the darkness.

And your head was lost

to the hearts of others,


while I remained tumbling.


I woke up to the teapot,

And realized it was never about the tea


but the madness that lay within,

the madness boiling over

and the rabbit who ran away

with time on his shoulder.



And I realized time had been stolen from us

by the tears that drowned me,

and the flowers that despised me.


Wake up, you said.


Wake up and follow the smile in the night,

even if he might lead you

to unfamiliar places.


And I did it without realizing

that you would never follow.


For my cards were shuffled,

while yours were stacked to perfection.


We were the mad ones, you and me.

Mad until you lost your head,

and decided to leave my heart instead.


You left me blue and drowning,

with nothing to grip but a floating bird,

whose wings I’ll borrow for a little bit longer

while you shuffle your cards

how I never shuffled them.


It’s okay. It’s all going to be okay.


For I am awake now,

And I don’t need to grow another size.



You live your life without your head

And your stack of perfect cards.


While I tumble and fall,

while I dance in the fog

to a smile that deceived me

and a fantasy that released me.




An excerpt from my current book project 'Ramblings'.

Sofia Hariz