Penumbra Magnificus

you float away

on the corpse of your mother,

and let thoughts silence

like floating spiderwebs


and just now

when the downfall of our Earth

is a fact, dancing Siciliano

to the rhythm of your heartbeat


you no longer see

how the still-life of dying

really was painted

with acid water


and how the world

ended its escapade with a touch of circumfluence,

and was covered by comet showers,

like black deathpearls 


and the children were

torn to pieces like kaleidoscopeflowers

and spread over

crimson fields of repent




you can hear the bodies

sing under the surface

and under the moon's silhouette


sic transit gloria mundi


they whisper in Latin

as their reminiscences perish

when the humans turn to ashes



thus passes the glory of the world.



Translated from Norwegian, written in 2003.