I have been photographing since 2005, focusing on nature photograpy, portraits and concert photography. I have photographed in some professional settings, including several spreads for Gamereactor, as well as shot promotional images for Norwegian singer Malene Markussen.

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I have been an active blogger since 2011. Content included poetry, politics, horror, cinema and journalism. I also ran a video game news blog before moving most of the content to my main blog.

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Freebird by Sofia Hariz - Blog

My blog for Out Of Lives, where I write about entertainment-related subjects on a weekly basis.

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I have been making YouTube videos on and off since 2011. Videos include vlogs, short films, gameplay, informational videos and interviews. My most recent videos include vlogs from my trip to Los Angeles and an MCM London Comic Con 2015 video, featuring interviews and impressions from the convention. Several video projects are currently in the works.

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