A video game magazine with departments across Europe.

Started interning for Gamereactor Norway in June 2013, mainly working on online content. I continued working for them after my internship, and started contributing to the print magazine as well. I now write news stories, articles and film reviews for both online and print.

I have produced over 140 articles for Gamereactor as of June 2015.

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Examples of my work can be read here.



Out of Lives Network produces several podcasts about video games, movies, TV and other entertainment-related topic. 

I frequently co-host the Out of Lives podcast, which focuses around video game news, but also features movies and television.  I also write articles and opinion pieces.

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The River is a newspaper covering south west of London and Kingston University.

I was Entertainment Editor for The River in late 2013. I was also a writer for both the print edition and their website, River Online. My work consisted mainly of film reviews, opinion pieces and video game-related articles. As Entertainment Editor I was in charge of delegating work to other writers, and pitching and selecting pieces for the Entertainment section.

I also took part in and supervised the layout of the Entertainment section, and designed the first full video game page in The River for the November issue in 2013.

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I have been photographing since 2005, focusing on nature photograpy, portraits and concert photography. My photographs hves been featured in several publications including  Gamereactor and Norwegian band Dimmu Borgir's official Facebook-page.  

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I reported for TV2's news channel (TV2 Nyhetskanalen) from the student riots that took place in London in 2011.





I have run several journalistic blogs the past few years, mostly consisting of opinion pieces. Subject matters include politics, video games, photography and film. I also have a creative writing blog and blog on Out of Lives.

Examples of recent journalistic blog posts can be read here.




I have made several journalistic videos during my university course, where I've interviewed journalists, performers and other individuals. The example to the left was produced, shot and edited by me.



My work has also been published by:

NewMediaRockstars, TV2 (television) MoviepilotAftenposten, Aftenposten Si;D (book), YouTubeNettavisen Side 3, The Comment Factory, Gamereactor EU, Tumblr Poetry, They Call Me Lolita, HorrificNews and more.