Those nights when poetry was only a verb, and silence its master.


"I'm this close to living a life alone filled with hate" you said.

 And I am close to living a life without living.

Shades - A Poem

The storm is coming, and I have been waiting for it all my life. And life has waited too.

Honest Talk - Fearing the Free

In a few hours I will be free. That scares the hell out of me. And that's a really good thing.

Honest Talk - To Get Excited About Life

To be excited about life is easy, and the feeling of being your best self is the most empowering feeling there is. And I want you to feel it too.

Game Over For Video Game Journalists

As video games are meant to entertain, it appears that gamers are demanding the same from gaming journalism. Question is whether or not this dumbing down of video game journalism will eventually lead to its demise as a profession.


I decided to write what all journalists seem to do these daysto further my career, so here's A BUNCH OF LISTS, YAY!  I'm a professional video game journalist. No ethics.

2016 In Gaming - VR, eSports And The Evolution Of Streaming

Looking at the bigger picture, it seems as if the biggest changes in the video game industry won't solely come from technological advances in the games themselves, but how we play, observe and take part in them. 

Lord knows it would be the first time

you can hear the poets break their pencils in the nights,

while trying to capture the metaphors that flutter

into their nets of perfectly woven vowels,

an echo of humanity's last attempts at beauty

Honest Talk - A Stream of Consciousness From L.A.

I went to Los Angeles for Christmas. These are some of the things I thought whilst being there, including Grand Theft Auto 5, tar pits, hand twins and hamburgers. 

A Love Letter To.... Video Games

 I know it's been a while, and you might be angry at me, so I hope you'll accept this declaration of my love for you. I hope it's not too late to work things out.

Honest Talk - Cornfield Chase (or how Interstellar's cornfield scene changed my life)

How the movie Interstellar's cornfield chase-scene not only showed us the essence of the entire movie, but of life itself.

Honest Talk - defining Happiness

Emotional freedom made me the happiest person I know.

A Weekend At MCM London Comic Con - video, article and gallery

I spent two days at MCM London Comic Con, and returned home with a big smile on my face, sore feet and way too much Batman-merchandise.

Honest talk - burning it all to the ground

My words from the past few months, naked and vulnerable. I burned it all to the ground and arose as a phoenix. And the burning was my favorite part.

What Dreams May Come - Dealing with death & what to learn from it

A few weeks ago I lost a dear friend of mine. It was an unexpected death that came as swiftly as autumn did, a cold hard breeze tht swept us away. Yet light is always to find at the end of the tunnel, for in times of hardship, lessons of life can be found in the smallest of things.