Sofia Hariz



Sofia Hariz is an acclaimed multimedia entertainment journalist with over a decade of experience working with several journalistic outlets across the world. Sofia’s work was first published by Aftenposten, one of Norway’s largest magazines, only to later have her poetry published in a book of up and coming poets in Norway at the age of 15.

Sofia graduated from Kingston University London with a First Class degree in Journalism, where her focus was on entertainment journalism for online publications. Sofia served as the Entertainment Editor for River Newspaper, where she published the paper’s first ever full page dedicated to video games, where she was in charge of writing all articles for the section.

Sofia started working for Gamereactor in 2013, where she produced some of the magazine’s most popular video game articles and film reviews, and created the magazine’s first ever vox pop, where she photographed and interviewed gamers in Oslo, Norway. Sofia also served a copy editor, using her bilingual skills to translate articles from English, Swedish and Danish to Norwegian.

After graduating, Sofia continued her work for Gamereactor, but also started working with Akershus Eiendom, Norway’s leading commercial real estate agency, where she established the company’s social media presence, including creating the company’s blog, which has been quoted in several or Norway’s largest media outlets.

After getting her Associate’s Degree in Film from Santa Monica College, Sofia went on to working freelance as a video game journalist and as a Video Producer for Mail Online’s Showbiz section. Sofia was a speaker at Inven Global Esports Conference as one of the industry’s leading female journalist alongside the Esports industry’s top contributors. Sofia has been featured as a games journalist in videos and podcasts that have attracted a viewership over 100,000 combined, and has produced videos that have seen a viewership of over 50,000 per video, for entertainment media outlets like Easy Allies, Game Talk Live, Fanbyte and more.


Blog and social media manager for commercial real estate company Akershus Eiendom (Norway). Contributed to various tech and video game-related blogs. Previously managed several personal blogs covering topics such as film, video games, politics, poetry and journalism.

Daily user of several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Active on YouTube and Twitch. 

Frequent use of streaming software  (OBS, Xsplit). 


Written for Gamereactor Norway/EU, The River Newspaper, Pressfire, New Media Rockstars, Moviepilot, Aftenposten and more. Live news reporting for TV2 News (Norway). Podcast host/guest for Game Talk Live, Out of Lives Podcast, Xbox One Party Chat Podcast and more. Commercial photography for various events. Produced on-camera interviews, personal YouTube videos and behind the scenes segments for various purposes. Professional experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and InDesign.

First published in 2006 in Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten's book of poetry "Si;D Poesi," as part of a selection of promising poets under 18. Journalistic work also first published around the same time, in the form of political opinion pieces for the same paper. 

Currently specializing in on-air and on-screen hosting, video production and writing for TV. 




Production of Information Memorandums, blogs and newspaper ads. Social media strategy adviser, participant in SEO optimization. Work on website and memorandum redesign and branding. 





"Edges" - Oslo, 2015