Sofia Hariz

Video Game Journalist

On-air host | Writer |  Podcaster |  Streamer |  Analyst (5).gif

Freelance VIDEO GAME WRITER and critic. written for several media outlets, including Gamereactor, Pressfire, The River Newspaper, side 3 and more. currently Producing streams and gameplay videos on personal channels. GUEST APPEARANCES ON streams and SHOWS by Game Talk Live, EASY ALLIES AND MACHINIMA. PODCASTS writer/host and guest on a variety of shows. Speaker at Geekon in oslo in 2016 and Indiecade in los angeles 2018. wrote and produced The River Newspaper’s first full video game page.

SPECIALTIES: Game reviews/opinion pieces, OVERWATCH (League/ESPORTS, Gameplay AND ANALYSIS), ON-AIR HOSTING/streaming, Marketing and Social Media strategy for Video game/ eSports content AND INTERVIEWING. 


Film Critic

On-air host |Writer | Podcaster (9).gif

Film critic since 2013 for several media outlets, both as a writer and podcast guest. Current Film Student, with courses covering history of American and Foreign Film, Scriptwriting, women in film, Film INterpretation, Film criticism and an in-depth course on Stanley Kubrick. 

Specialties: film analysis and Criticism, Horror and Sci-fi genres, cinematography, scriptwriting, sound design, films of Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher and Quentin Tarantino


Digital Content Creator

Video |  Photography|  Podcasting |  Social Media


photographer and videographer. Video production/editing both professionally and for personal projects on Twitch and YouTube. design of marketing materials, ads and information memorandums for norway’s leading commercial real estate company, akershus eiendom, in co-operation with jll. helped establish akershus eiendom’s social media presence through developing social media and seo strategies.

Equipment and specialties: commercial photography, bts video, writing for television, online video production, technical directing for television, camera operating, Adobe Premiere Pro /InDesign/ Audition/ Photoshop, YouTube and Twitch video production, Social Media Management, Blogging